schools for a really older student

I am an older, older pre-med. At the age of 50, I decided to pursue this old dream of mine. I am an accomplished psychiatric social worker, who runs her own department and has the highest credential in New York State. I have been in practice for over 16 years and been in Human Services over 28 years. I am a member of the National Health Service Corps. My missing pre-req’s were Physics, and Chem. I recently began taking them at a local University. I have a graduate degree with a 3.86 GPA from Syracuse University. I am looking for advice as to which schools would strongly value a savvy, smart, experienced middle aged woman who is seeking an MD in psychiatry. A school’s reputation is not as important to me as being highly valued as a non-traditional student. Any suggestions???

Check out Kate’s Diary. She is in her 50’s and is just completing her 2nd year at WVCOM (DO med school).

I’m 46 and am just completing my 1st year at KCUMB (DO med school).

Perhaps there is a trend?

Good luck.


I’m inspired by this conversation. I’m 44 and hoping to spend the next 4-6 years doing prereqs which puts me in the late 40s/early 50s before I can even think of enrolling. To both of you, I’d love to hear more about your journeys. Thanks for letting me know that I’m not alone in my interest to pursue this path at a later age. I’m glad to hear that KCUMB is non-trad-friendly. I’ve heard wonderful things about both the school and Kansas City.

I’m very interested in DO school since I currently see an osteopath who specializes in neuromusculoskeletal medicine, which has done wonders for my neck and back problems. I don’t think I would be MD material anyway. Like VickiV, I’m a social worker; I’ve worked in healthcare for eight years, currently in the emergency department. And as one who grew up in Ohio (and in the process of moving to Virginia), I’d like to be in the general vicinity, so I’m already exploring OUCOM, WVCOM, VCOM, LECOM, and MSUCOM. If I’m willing to venture out, I’d consider KCUMB, UNTHSC and PCOM.

Most DO schools seem to be more amenable and open to older students, but you should not discount MD schools. I personally know 2 older women who went to stateside MD medical schools at ages 50 and 52 respectively.

I, myself, will be applying at age 49, or over 50 if I do an SMP.

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hi vickie

I’m 50 and in my 3rd yr of med school at Oceania University of Medicine. It is an international school based in Samoa and most of us who are students there have been in the healthcare field for a long time

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Interesting…how is the matching for residency for your school???

It’s good…several of our med grads have matched

BTW, Oceania has been an exhibitor and supporter at our last few conferences.

In all fairness, matching for international MD’s is not good. If primary care is what you know you’ll want then I see no problem going outside the U.S… However matching into anything else the stats drop almost exponentially the further one gets from U.S. MD.

How it goes is MD>>DO>>int. MD. Now in all honesty I know some places are more like MD>>>int. M.D.>>DO

I’m not trying to take any dreams away from anyone but that we all go into this with eyes wide open. A good friend decided that she did not under any circumstances want to have D.O. behind her name. Because of her MCAT she was looking at the Caribbean schools and went to Ross. She’s now in an Internal Med residency. Her intent was always something surgical with Urology being the top choice at the beginning of clinicals.

So if you do anything but U.S. MD be prepared to have to work harder to get into residency than your colleagues at US allopathic schools.

RE: BTW, Oceania has been an exhibitor and supporter at our last few conferences."

Oceania seems interesting. But I’m thinking that the military won’t allow the active duty attendance or HPSP deal or pretty much anything other than letting u sign up after graduating…

please, please, tell me I’m wrong, I’d love to be wrong on that…