Schools in NYC for evening pre-med classes

I am a 24 year old who is currently taking classes at Hunter College but I am not working right now. I am in the process of getting a full time job but Hunter does not really have classes in the evening for premeds. I am retaking classes to try to enhance my gpa. I got my degree in the biology and went through some health issues after graduating.

Is anyone else doing a premed program in NYC while working a 9-5 Mon to Fri? I’m also looking for reasonable tuition prices. I looked at Fordham but they don’t really offer upper level sciences just the basic premed requirements. And a lot of their classes are in the Bronx and I live in Brooklyn. Any help would be great.

I am a huge supporter of City College, and greatly enjoyed my time there, but at this point there is no guarantee of being able to get into any particular section as a second-degree student. At CCNY–can’t speak for Hunter–second-degree people register after everyone else. You have to take what’s left (if there’s anything left).

CCNY does have a full complement of upper-level sciences, some of which are in the late afternoon, so it would not be impossible to fit them in with a FLEXIBLE 9-5.

When I started at CCNY, second-degree people registered with the seniors. Now that this has changed, and considering that you live in Brooklyn, I would go for Brooklyn College or Medgar Evers to maintain one’s sanity. Both offer night classes.