Schools of Interest

Good morning Medical students, I’m interested in some feedback regarding the 4 below schools & their track record on accepting OldPremeds. I currently reside in Houston; you may notice that UTMB is not on the list, it is located 65 miles (one-way) fom my home. Any info would be appreciated.
1. UT Houston
2. Baylor College of Medicine
3. Morehouse School of Medicine
4. Emory School of Medicine
5. Meharry School of Medicine
6. Vanderbilt School of Medicine

I applied to both Meharry and Vanderbilt and received acceptances at both and a full ride at Vanderbilt. They do take non-trads as long as you are competitive.

I was also accepted at Vanderbilt. It was my number one choice school and I loved it there. The only reason I am not there is so I could stay co-located with my husband. If you do a search on Vanderbilt, you will find messages I posted about it in the past that give more insight into what I thought about the school and the interview process there. I would not do an adequate job it I tried to recall it all from memory (too much medical trivia crammed in there now )
Good luck,