Schools with low/no GPA cutoff?

My application is a bit non-standard and I’m looking for schools who will not toss me out for <3.0 overall:

Overall GPA 2.8

Overall Science GPA 3.8

BCPM 4.0

Post-bacc 4.0


The overall was ~20 years ago. Science and calculus was good even back then (history and accounting did my GPA in).

Are there schools without pre-set cutoffs to look at recent work? I know the osteopathic schools might, but what about others?

Despite the perception otherwise, most schools do not have a hard rule on GPA cut-off. I should start a list of Myths of Medical School. Many non-trads focus too hard on overall GPA as opposed to their more recent work. And if YOU do not believe and FOCUS on it, how are you going to put an application packet that will make the adcoms believe and FOCUS on it. If you have decided you can’t compete before you have even have applied, then you have indeed lost.

You have good science GPA from 20 year, you have outstanding Post-Bacc GPA, great MCAT, and 20 years of life experience. In both MD and DO applications the overall science GPA and the Post-bacc GPA are separated out and I think in your case both will be noticed.

Will it be more difficult because of your original GPA? Yes. But it is not a hard as the mythical impossibility that many students make it out to be. BTW, last year it was more competitive on an applicant per seat ratio to make it into osteopathic (2.7) school than allopathic (2.2).

So get in there and fight!