Science Courses

Does anybody know of any good review books to help me with the following science courses I will be taking over the next year?



Human Physiology


Organic Chemistry (Retaking because I got Cs last time)




Yolanda, don’t worry about that second to last topic - this disproves it using peanut butter!

Sorry, I don’t have anything actually productive to add to this thread… are you looking for formal review books to read through ahead of time, or just a bit of information to get back into the swing of these topics?

Actually, a little bit of both!

Thanks for the humor…I love a good joke!

It turns out Organic Chemistry for Dummies is pretty good!

Just to save you some bucks-- the review stuff online is just superb and free. Look for PowerPoints on the subject at hand, compiled by university professors for their classes. The only times I needed extra review materials in premed was when I wanted more problems to work or when my assigned texts explain things poorly and I needed them restated from someone else’s vantage point. are all reputable and vetted; I found the notes on translation and transcription (Okizaki, all that bilge) to be really fantastic when I was furiously memorizing for tests.

Thanks for the info!

On the topic of “things to learn online,” I just found out that youtube has a fair number of histopathology videos: Histop…