Science grades

I am curious what does Amcas count as science grades?
Do geology and biological anthropology courses count?

Hi there,
Likely, geology might be listed as a science class but anthopology would not.

If I remember correctly there is a little info/help box to refer to while you are entering data on the online form. I ended up with a lot of non-science science!

Pretty much any science class that is taught under the chemistry, biology, physics or math departement and that shows up as CHEMX, BIOX, PHYSX, MATHX is under the “science” GPA hence the BCPM acronym. Now the “iffy” stuff is things like excercise physiology taught under let’s say a health and human performance department although it is “science” on your transcript it will come under HHPX and then you have to look in that AMCAS guideline and see what it will fall under. I kept it safe and only put as science those BCPM classes, I just did not want to argue with AMCAS if something came up and have my application delayed due to this but I have heard of students putting other non-BCPM classes as science and they were okay so it depends on you. If you go to the aamc web page there is a huge pdf file with all the minutae about what to put on amcas etc…that will be a huge help if you get a head start and read it.

The AMCAS Instruction Book on the web is very clear as to how coursework is classified. (Begins on page 29 for the EC2004 application…EC2005 isn’t available yet.) Geology is definitely not classified as BCPM, nor are allied health classes.

I took geology (my lone science course as an undergrad) and I got a D. Of course, it dragged down my overall GPA but I’m really nervous as to how med schools will view this. I did not take any prereqs the first time around, and that’s what I’ll be doing this fall. This is great news if geology doesn’t count in my prereq sciences GPA which is still to be determined but so far it’s an A in Chem 101 (took as refresher) and a B in PreCalc I at NVCC. PreCalc II – this semester – is another story…
Thanks for posting this question. I’ve always wondered which undergrad classes would count. I didn’t think the “social sciences” such as psych, anthropology, sociology, history, poli sci, etc. would count but I was nervous about geology or (for some people) things like oceanography or astronomy or earth science–more hard core science classes but not part of the premed curriculum.