Science Prof. Letters of Recommendation

I graduated UVA in 2007 with major in bio and psychology. Was initially going to go to med school, but decided to take time off after taking the mcats and graduating. Debating applying to schools now. My problem is that it’s been 3 years since undergrad and I worry that getting science professor letters of recommendation would be difficult. UVA is a big school with big class sizes, so (1) I wasn’t too close with any of my professors. I’m also concerned because, even if I did email a former professor asking for a letter of recommendation, it’s been 3 years and they would not remember me at all. I have others that could write decent letters of recommendations, but feel that I will have HUGE difficulty in getting professor recommendations. Any suggestions??? Please help!

I would suggest that you take a couple of science classes now and get letters from those professors.

I agree with campkel. You want a professor who really knows who you are. Plus taking a few classes now will allow the adcoms to ensure that your study skills are still sharp.