Scratch notes during tutorial on MCAT

Hey Everyone,

I am getting ready to take the MCAT in a few days (yay!). I have heard that some folks have taken the time during the tutorial given before the test to actually jot down any equations, diagrams or whatever might be a potential roadblock during the exam. I have heard some test centers are ok with this, others aren’t. I ultimately do not want to do anything that is wrong by AAMC standards but do want to utilize time wisely. I have not been able to locate an AAMC statement in regards to this.

Did anyone use the tutorial time for writing equations, diagrams, concepts? Is this prohibited by AAMC? Advice as it relates to this? Thanks in advance, good luck to all!

My opinion id that you should do whatever you want with your time. You are free to write down anything you want anytime you want.

You cannot get anything in the testing center, you are video monitored during the test. No one in the testing center should tell you what to do during the tutorial. My belief is that many stories out there are probably not correct.

If anyone comes to you during the tutorial then you should complain about it. Use the time the way you see fit.

I personally don’t think you should do this. It might make you more anxious. You will realize, how many equations there actually are and that you don’t have time to write ALL of them down and it might make the situation worse. Second, you don’t know what equations you will have to be using. Maybe, a half of what you are jotting down you won’t even need. I’d suggest to listen to a tutorial calmly and try to get your thoughts together. And then just take the test. Good luck!

I did for the PS section (my testing ctr had no issues with this) though I ended up not looking at anything I wrote down once the test started. For me, it was a good way to warm up the brain more than anything else.