Screw removal

I just scheduled a time for the screws in my leg to be taken out. For some reason, this has me completely freaked out.

Let's just hope they don't screw up.
sorry… it sounded funny in my head.

Usually one removes software from hardward and is not nervous. This procedure is the reverse, so you’re nervous!
laugh.gif Hope everything “turns out” well! biggrin.gif
We could keep going with word plays, but…
Seriously, being “completely freaked out” is within normal zone here. Sometimes I think that anyone with a smidge or more of clinical experience is apt to be more freaked…we know too much! Fortunately, bodies can heal remarkably well. Please let us know how it goes. Good luck!

I had stainless steel staples removed from both knees (3 in each) at the same time. . . . 25 years after they had been put in! Let me tell you, my knees are much happier now without the hardware!
Yours should go easily. You haven't had enough time to have a lot of bone growth that has to be chipped away to get to the screws. Even though they had to chip away almost 1/2 inch of bone over my staples, I was up and around within a few days.
You'll do fine! And your legs will feel even better once the screws are gone!

Thanks. Love the puns.
There is no reason for me to be as freaked out as I have been. I just have had a run of bad luck with health related issues, nothing serious just not lucky.
Has anyone here heard of Paw Paw?

The only Paw Paw I know of is Paw Paw, West Virginia. And that's because when I interviewed, one of the doctors, knowing my husband was from Romney, asked me if I knew where Paw Paw was? I didn't!
But my husband told me later it was just north of Romney.
Now if there's another Paw Paw you're referring to, I don't know anything about it!
Hang in there. This surgery will be much easier than the original!

There is no reason for me to be as freaked out as I have been. I just have had a run of bad luck with health related issues, nothing serious just not lucky.

A run of bad luck seems sufficient reason to be as freaked out as you need to be. You're not feeling particularly trusting of the usual assurances at the moment, and who could blame you?
Your logical side is trying to shout down your emotional side - it won't work, because your experience gives your emotional side all the reason it needs to be concerned. Go ahead and fret, you deserve it!
When is it scheduled for?
You WILL be fine but I know that right now it is hard for you to really internalize that feeling.

August 26th. 1:15 pm.

Date change: Monday 25 August – 3:15 pm.

It went well today – no pain, no worries!

no pain, no worries!

Let's hear it for Fentanyl and Versed! laugh.gif

Since I have now had extensive patient experience post MD, I will definitely second the cheer for fentanyl and versed! Although, thanks to the amnestic effects, I always wonder if I said something to my doctors and nurses that would otherwise embarrass me!
Calvin, glad to hear that your procedure went well!

Thanks. I have to admit that I am a big wimp and it hurt a lot today. An odd thing happened, when I went to bed the bandage was all bloody and dark red and this morning it's white again. Am I just losing my mind? Just curious.

QUOTE (Calvin -- in a box by the river @ Aug 27 2003, 02:38 AM)
Am I just losing my mind?

I'm certain of it...... No, i'm just kidding laugh.gif .

I think the question should be, when did I lose it?