SDN??!! What was I thinking??

  • Kimberly_h Said:
They will see that age is a number. That a person is only stopped by themselves. Be unstoppable.

Nicely said -- in more ways than one.
  • tw4sw Said:
Believe it or not it came mostly from the nontrad forum of all places. A very scary place indeed...

I'm a bit surprised by this. The SDN nontrad forum is usually quite civil. The pre-allo forum is a different story...

I’m so happy I registered for OldPreMed. I’m starting Columbia as a transfer student in the fall, and all the hate on SDN had me questioning my decision for a minute, LOL! Thankfully in my old age, I’m not letting what other people think hold sway in my decisions:)

Heh, SDN is an interesting place… As someone mentioned before, there is lots of helpful information about the “technical details” of applying, and you can get a good feel for individual schools from the interview feedback, but be wary of soliciting specific advice as a non-trad. They are competitive as hell, and the negativity can blow things out of perspective and crush you. The only person I’ve ever known who thought SDN was unquestionably brilliant resource ended up at Harvard and had a 41 MCAT.

Totally agree, jlr! I do like SDN, and do get some good tidbits here and there…they have a great thread with study hints for 30+ MCATs.

Just take a lot of it as a grain of salt.

I personally like to see how the waitlists move and how even at the eleventh hour you’ll see someone getting into medical school!