SDSU courses guidence

I plan to take courses @ SDSU without enrolling in their program. Plan to start some basic (e.g. P1, C1 in summer). I hear from different sources (i.e. folks in the forum as well as admins at the school) that it might be challenging taking some courses here as ugrads are given preference. Does anyone have experience here and know what courses in particular are more difficult to get in?..and what are easier ?

Any other tips from your experience here ?

Also, when I check their class schedule ( there always seems to be some seats available in most of the courses…so why is it difficult to get in, am I missing something?

Not too many San Diego folks here so I’ll try to answer the last part of your question. At least at the CC I’m attending, classes will fill up rapidly during enrollment and be waitlisted. Once the drop date approaches, folks drop out (like flies in certain classes), the system updates the numbers and it seems like there are many spots open. This stuff continues until the drop-with-W date, when more people drop out. So if you’re seeing classes that seem to have capacity, it’s probably because of students who enrolled and then dropped. Since typically you can’t enroll in a class after the first drop date (2nd or 3rd week of class), those spots go unfilled. Maybe that’s what you are seeing because it’s well into the semester right now. I will guess that it’s going to be different during enrollment week.

Anyway, some links below for you to browse. The first link contains a post from SomeDayDrA, who describes her experience crashing courses at CSU. The other links are from the UC and CSU system.… ond_………

thanks dullhead, that was helpful…