Searching for someone...

I am wondering how you find a friend who is now a doctor?

My friend Peter Johnson was an LSU Med school graduate in I think 2004. If I did my math right. Peter and I had kept in touch till 2002 and then he started his 3rd year of Medical School and I heard no more.

It’s such a generic name. I keep thinking that someday I could google him. He is such a smart guy and I am sure he is in ER. In fact, last I heard he was working in the ER for Charity Hospital in New Orleans during the time of Katrina. But, couldn’t get any more info.

Any Help?

I dunno! Google his name and the cities and states he was in last you heard?

Like me it would be

Susan (Lastname), Anywhere PA

and flip it if it doesn’t turn up anything.

Lastname, Susan D.O., anywhere PA

Well o.k. not a DO yet, but if he’s a doctor, you would want to include that in your search.

I tried every different way of googling Dr. Johnson. Thanks to facebook I found a mutual acquaintance who usually knows what is going on with him. With my latest goals, it is always good to know more people who might be happy to answer questions. Hopefully, our mutual friend Nick has an idea where Pete is. Nick has a hard time keeping in touch with Pete as well. However, same home town and such. So, I might be on to something…

You could always use a internet service, I have heard they are very successful? But not free.

There are alot of good search sites, but most are not free. It’s tough with the “generic” names.

When I get to work tomorrow I will send you some links of free sites that I use while skip tracing. There are also some fairly inexpensive ones.

If you know some info about prior addresses or colleges you may well be able to find him fairly quickly, despite the common name. I’ve used one of the online search services to find long-lost pals and I think it was only about $40. If you’re grads of the same college, you may be able to use an ‘alumni finder’ service from them. You’d be surprised how well alumni departments keep track of former students! Must be the prospect of donations that keeps them so focused.

we use at work for the free ones and yahoo, then just google. I couldn’t remember the zabasearch. Then of course we’re hooked up to westlaw.