second time around

Hello All. I have not posted in ages but just wanted to let you know I am still alive - and still in the game. Last year, I was a first-year osteopathic medical student. This year, I am - once again - a first year osteopathic medical student. I had a really rough fall semester last year and failed two courses: anatomy and biochem. My school would not let me continue in the spring so I took some undergrad science classes to better prepare myself for Round 2, this fall.

We are 5 weeks into school and I managed to pass my first round of tests so I am proud of myself and wanted to share with my OPM family. I am trying to “teach” my new classmates what I know, esp. in Anatomy (which some days, isn’t much, LOL!) and go to lab 2X per day, etc. I’m also working hard on biochem. Although my last test grades weren’t high (all C’s) at least I am above the magic number this time (70%) and not under it, as was the case last year.

Now off to study some more…



Thanks for the update and hang in there!! Taking the undergrad classes in the Spring was a great move! Continued succes this year!!!