Second-year Pre-Medical Student

I am a twenty-nine year old, second year pre-medical student at my local community college. I currently work a full time job and will be taking 14 credit hours during the fall semester. I am single, after recently going through a divorce, so I don’t have that extra baggage to worry about.

When I was 18 years old I was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Once I had completed all of my chemo-therapy treatments, I had became addicted to pain killers. From there things only got worse. Myself and a so called friend made a huge mistake one night that resulted in me pleading guilty to a felony.

Once all of my probation was completed, I decided that it was time to get clean from the drugs, and to do something productive with my life.

Last year I enrolled in the pre-medical program at my local community college. I have excelled in all of my classes-- I have a 4.0 after my first full year. I am so determined to finish this program and to get accepted into medical-school. Mostly to prove to myself and my peers that I am no longer the person that I used to be. I feel like my work ethic can not be beaten by anyone.

Any and all advice, from anyone on the forum, would be greatly appreciated. I’m mostly looking for support and some hope that I am not wasting my time going through this journey. I could elaborate forever on this post, but this is just a portion of what my life has been like. Through these experiences and with the support of this forum I hope to become a certified doctor one day.

The charge was non violent and not drug related.

Nobody here will be able to give you the specific advice that YOU need. We can support you, and say that you’re getting great grades and to cheer you on to keep it up.


With your felony conviction - you’ll need to do some research into what states might limit your ability to get a medical license. Each state is different and every medical school will look at the conviction differently.

Good luck!

I have read many things about the felony conviction. It seems as though it doesn’t automatically keep someone from being accepted to medical school and eventually becoming licensed. I know you guys hear these stories all the time but I can honestly say that this is something that I will put my heart and soul into. I appreciate any and all support.