Secondaries and Interviews

Hey all! I hope you are all having as much fun with this application cycle as I am!!! :smiley: I have completed 9 secondaries (6 MD and 3 DO) I have scheduled 1 MD interview and 1 DO interview. I keep checking the other schools for more information and no changes. If they schools are not going to offer an interview do they let you know or just leave you hanging? Also what kind of time line do most school work on? I feel that these two interview’s were out of the norm in how quick they offered them.

Some will let you know if they just aren’t interested in you at all. Others will keep you in a state of “constant review”, theoretically there is a chance they’ll interview you but maybe not, so you’re in limbo.

I think I got 2 outright rejections after secondaries were submitted. A couple of schools let me know later in the season that I was out of the running. Others held onto me until the end of the season when they sent out mass “thanks for playing” letters. I have yet to hear back from 1 school, but I’m guessing they didn’t want me since it has been 2 years… It seems like every school does it differently to some extent, so just hang on for the ride.

Pretty much what Kenny said. Interviews can come at many different times, and while some schools will reject you outright if they don’t think you fit there, it seems to be much more common for those rejections to come MUCH later in the cycle. The majority of my rejections came after February.

Just Curious…

I applied to 25 schools, so far have received and returned 18 secondaries. Of the 7 schools left, I withdrew from 1, 3 contacted me and are waiting on my 2nd MCAT (9/12 ARGH!), and I have heard nothing from 4.

No rejections nor interview invites yet. Closest to any action beyond “complete” are 2 schools who have “reviewed my application and it is being held for another round”.

Is this normal? Is it a good sign/indifferent that I have had no rejections? Should I be melting-down that I haven’t had any interview invitations?

Just curious so I can gauge and try to interpret the sea of crickets I am among.

It’s still pretty early in the cycle. Very few schools start sending out interview invites before early-to-mid September. And not getting an invite in the first round doesn’t mean you won’t get one in a following round. Every school’s admission process is different, and the details of which seem to be pretty closely guarded secrets. Also most of them are probably holding out for your second MCAT score, even if they haven’t specifically told you so.

As long as it’s before New Years, no news is good news for the most part.

Just wanted to report back - first interview last week was a huge success, feeling very positive. One tomorrow (at the airport now!), one Friday, and another next Wednesday. Then radio silence from all the other schools. October 15th (first notification of acceptance) isn’t that far away, right?

Keep on chugging, y’all.

As others have noted, some schools (unfortunately) leave applicants hanging for months on end while others inform applicants quickly if they are no longer under consideration. It varies from school to school. The first acceptances to MD schools are allowed to go out on October 15th. Interview season is in full swing at this point and will last until February/March/April depending on the school. Good luck to everyone!



I also am playing the waiting game. 13 secondaries submitted by early September. No interview requests via AAMCAS. Have interviews with St. George’s and Ross in the coming weeks. Nothing from DO schools yet.

Anyone have any thoughts on the Carribean schools?

I’m sure can find plenty of thoughts on Caribbean schools :slight_smile:

It’s still pretty early in the cycle since you weren’t complete until early September. I can’t remember my exact timeline, but I was a little late to the party. I didn’t get my first interview invite until just after Thanksgiving (for a December interview). I think the invites kept coming until about early Feb too.

My waiting game didn’t end until March/April. Hopefully you’ll get the answer you want from the school you want well before then.

Good luck!

@jmuraski wrote:

I also am playing the waiting game. 13 secondaries submitted by early September. No interview requests via AAMCAS. Have interviews with St. George’s and Ross in the coming weeks. Nothing from DO schools yet.

Anyone have any thoughts on the Carribean schools?

Unless things have changed in the last year or so, interview invitations do not come through the application services, but directly from the schools themselves just as the secondaries did (at least for me). Make sure you’re checking your junk/spam email on a regular basis so that you’re not missing anything. I know several people that had secondaries/interview invites be flagged as spam.

Thanks! I didn’t actually mean interview requests from AAMCAS I meant from AAMCAS associated schools.

Yes a number of the school’s emails have been caught in my iCloud mail spam filter. Some without even being seen. I have made it a habit to check all schools every two weeks to ensure I didn’t miss a communication. Some schools don’t show communication sent like WUSTL and Stanford.

Good luck to everyone hoping to hear some good news from tomorrow on!

Curious how folks are doing…

I got my 2nd MCAT scores back; 3 rejections that day (Hadn’t been offered secondaries and I’m sure they were automated “you didn’t make our magic number” rejections). I also received 2 new secondaries (automated “you made the magic number”)!

I have completed 18 secondaries and have received no rejections nor any interviews. Is this weird/good/bad? It seems like people get at least 1 “we got your secondary $ and we don’t like you…” rejection. Trust me, I’m not complaining that I have no rejections! Flip side…no interviews either. I have no idea what is typical and I’m not finding much in the other forums. The traditional aged kids have all seemed to have more movement with their applications.

Thoughts? How are the other old folks doing this cycle?

The only outright rejection I received was from UWash-Seattle. I think they only accept 5 out of state students, and 3 of those have to come from Montana or Idaho. I have received two, “wait and see, we may want to interview you later, if the 20-somethings don’t work out” the rest I have heard nothing from. I just checked each of those today and haven’t missed any communications that I can tell, even though most of those 10 apps have been in for 2-3 months.

I do know from speaking with one of the Deans at Wash U STL that they received over 4000 apps (4x what they normally receive) this year so they are far behind. I doubt it is that way with other schools. My personal opinion is that some of the schools simply will not tell you that they don’t want to interview you yet. I did interview at SGU and Ross, just finished that. And am still waiting on AACOMAS verification after more than one month.

UW outright rejected me pretty quickly and I was an in-region (WA) applicant.

Not sure what’s up with the amount of applicants this year, but our admissions dean said that the pace of incoming apps was on course to surpass the previous record for # of apps.

It’s a slow process, especially if you didn’t submit everything “early”. I didn’t receive an interview invite until December and they kept rolling in thru end of Feb or so. Just as an anecdote, no school that put me in a “we’ll look at your app again later to see” all ended up giving me the boot at the end of the cycle.

Late 40’s, 32 schools, 4 interviews, 2 waitlist, one acceptance. Oos schools take longer to get back to you and are more likely to lead to rejections.

Nice. Congrats!