Secondaries. When?!

Hello All,
Now with the August MCAT over (hopefully) and my secondaries waiting, I was wondering if I should wait to see what my score is before I send the secondaries out, or get them out pronto?
Any thoughts?
Thanks so much.

I really would like some counsel on this as well.
My post-mortem: the physical science section was SUPERHARD-- there was absolutely no mechanics on it, just a lot of bewildering electricity passages. The biological science and verbal were about what I expected. Can’t wait to get the score… October seems far off.

Get them out unless you’re convinced you totally blew it and want to wait until next year. If there are schools you know you’ll apply to regardless, do them first.

Oh, and relax. In April, we all looked like Night of the Living Dead walking out of the physical sciences section, too. There are people who still get the shakes if you mention the Tarzan problem.

My PS section seemed like a lot of Gen Chem…it was weird. But then the BS section seemed to be mostly physiology and other bio, not much org chem at all.

I took the August and thought the Physics was pretty easy compared to my practice tests. I was hoping they would bring on alot of the complicated electronics stuff so I could blow the curve. We were bedazzled by the Bio, since there was alot of Cell Bio lab stuff. Don’t go into the MCAT w/o Cell Bio lab, even tho it isn’t a prereq at many places.