Secondary App's and Interviews

Hello everyone!
Well, good news I was offered and completed my sedondary application!!! During the inital meetings and interviews with the asst. admissions persona at the school she indicated that I should have not problem with being accepted. I thought this a bit odd being my GPA being under 3.5 and my MCATs being below 30??? During another visit to the school to check the status of my origonal application the admissions person assisting me indicated that the doctor who offered a LOR for me was actually a noted graduate from the school, this doc was actually invited be fore she applyied for a nuerology residency of the school’s affiliated hospital…The admissions rep indicated, let conversation take a different tone, say as you have been accepted…Ok, with all this after I completed my secondary app I was told it would be at least a month before I would be called for an interview, if I was offered an interview…am I the only one that smells somthing fishy, have I been a bit nieave…sorry about spelling, or just paranoid? thanks? David

Is this for this year? I am somewhat confused…

Where is this school? Is it in the U.S.? Like efex, I am confused with the timing - it seems very late in the year.

It is for this year. I applied to OU-COM. Thier dead line for secondary application was March 15, 2003, for the entering class of 2004…I was told they are interviewing till April 21, 2004.

Good news, I just received my grades from Organic chem and psych…straight A’s!!! This should shine a good light on my D from my origonal grade!!! Thanks! David

Hi there,
Keep your lines of communication open and get something in writing as soon as possible. I was invited for an interview at Howard before they sent me a secondary application so I filled one out when I got there so it does happen.
Good luck and let us know when we can celebrate for you.

Thanks Natalie!
I didn’t get anything in writting I’m just a bit nervous. I’m not sure if I should just wait, or send a brief email asking where I might be in the process, its been almost a month since my secondary app was complete…I guess I’ll just try to breath and smile.

David, ASK THEM. No one has as much stake in this as you do. It would certainly be appropriate to CALL (this is too important to send an e-mail IMHO) and say, "I sent my secondary a month ago… first, I’d like to make sure it was received, and second, I’d like to know the timeline for when I will hear more from you."
They know, and you know, that it is very late in the game. I would wager they are used to getting such calls. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid of annoying them. Remember, YOU paid the secondary fee. If you really are worried that they’ll give you a black mark for being a pain in the a$$, ask these questions before you give your name!

Thank you, I needed a bit of a flame under my a$$ too. I just touched base, via email, with the admissions officer I’ve worked with since August 2003. It’s after 5pm, so no one is in the office, I WILL call tomorrow after class, 10am! Thanks for the suport and warm buns There is quite a bit going here. Thank you

Well, I spoke with the receptionist at the school. She informed me that letters for the last interview date will be mailed out next week. My transcript indicating my change of grade for organic from a D to an A was just mailed yesterday, it should arrive by the end of this week I just am having some serrious doubts right now…If I am not accepted this year, I think I may truly need to fold. I can no longer susstain the financial burden, or legal burden my son’s mother is applying. Keep me in your thoughts and or prayers…

Could you maybe fax an unofficial copy of your transcript changing the grade so they will for sure get it in time? This way they’d at least “see” the change even if the official one doesn’t make it in time…

I agree, can you fax them the unofficial transcript from your school this afternoon or tomorrow morning?
I wish you all the luck in the world!!!

Its actually funny that you mentioned faxing the unofficial transcript. After making my last post I took a deep breath. I was far too close to the subject, and being a bit negative, and did just that, faxed my unofficial. I called this morning, the admissions office confirmed receiving it, but the person I needed to discuss it with was out till tomorrow. So I will just give her a call Friday in the a.m.
Thanks everyone….I really do need and appreciate your assistance. I’ve been in court for my son. The short version; his mother doesn’t like the idea that I actually am active in my son’s life, and the courts agree with my interest. So I’ve been a bit off center for this past year, especially with the whole application stuff! Again thanks!
Be well,

Ok…I called today, Friday April 2, 2004. The school received my fax, and offical transcript, all looks ok. I just need to wait…The person I usually speak with was, of all things, hosting interviews today. Ok, I’m hanging on her words right now. I know an admissions rep needs to be part filter and part sales person. She said I should have no problem being accepted, but could not gaurentee it, of course. She indicated I had her vote, and just needed one more, I just need to keep positive that I will have all the votes, points I need for acceptance right now! Thanks for everyone’s support!
Be well,

The waiting game stinks doesn’t it? Sometimes I feel it is one of the worst parts of the whole application process, just behind getting rejected.

I sure do agree. I guess there is nothing else to do…just wait…

FYI: OU tells everyone they are a, “good fit”. They appear very friendly. They are a school who is trying to rebuild itself. I heard from a friend last year their average gpa was 3.5. I think they feel they need to stiffen up to compete with OSU for students/money…good luck…stephen

Thanks for the “FYI”
I truly like OU-COM: the campus, town, programs, promotion of osteopathy and the authentic concern for thier community, students and perspective students. I believe the admission person I am communicating with is sincere and honestly meant what she has told me. I just need to wait…smile David

Well, I did not make it. I spoke with the admissions folks, they spent about 1/2 hour speakign with me. They indicated the comittee would like to see my performance in grad courses. Well, I’m looking at micro, biochem, or genetics, anyone have any input. That is, which grad degree a med school would perfer? thanks

I am so very sorry for you. I know it is rough, but try not to take it personally. Let it make you a stronger person.
You could sign up to take classes as a non-degree seeking student and just take the post grad classes on your own. Or you could get a Master’s in some science field but most are a 2 year program. There are one year things, but you will have to check the school where you are.
Biochem, genetics, and micro are all great choices for classes to show adcoms you can handle med school classes. So is immunology. Just depends on what your school has to offer where you live.
Take the classes, and apply again and knock their socks off. Good luck.
Chin up and don’t lose sight of your dream. You will get it!!!

Thanks Amy,
Good luck to you too! My dream, my calling is being a physician. I’ll do it! I’ll probably attend OU and do micro. I was told to just re apply for 2005, so who knows, but if it take two more years, I’d rather be 45 and a DO than just 45.
Be well,