Secondary Apps question

I have a question about the timing of secondary applications. I’m submitting my AMCAS application when it opens in June. My MCAT re-test date is July 6. Will schools wait until my score is released in August to send the secondary apps (it looks like most of the schools I’m applying to send secondaries to all applicants)? Or will they send the secondary as soon as they receive the AMCAS app? My school of choice doesn’t begin reviewing apps and setting up interviews until 8/15 - not sure if that has any bearing?

I’m trying to figure out my summer schedule, and I want to be sure to allot enough time for writing the essays. My school’s pre-med committee suggests a 2-week turnaround for these. Thanks for any help with this!

Many of the schools have the secondary available on line. And since these applications are a cash cow for the schools, many schools do not even screen. Once the primary application is out, start working on the secondaries that way if you do get invited to submit one, then you have it already done.