Seeking advice: dropping course w/ a W vs. B or C?

I think I bombed my calculus midterm, despite doing more than the required homework problems. Dropping the course now would result in a W on my transcript. Staying in the course would probably get me a C or maybe a B – I won’t know how I did on the test until Tuesday.
Dropping the course would put me at 14 units.
I already have several Ws on the my transcript from when I was a freshman in the 1980s.
How do med schools look at W’s versus B’s and C’s?

I can’t remember well enough to give advice, but check the AMCAS application website for application details about transcripts. The info is there, I think.

W’s aren’t the worst & a B, even a B-, is nothing to bitch about. I would far rather have a W than a C. So, if you are confident you can pull off a B/B-, I’d say stick it out…assuming, of course, you feel that you can catch up & maintain sufficient performance to achieve a B. However, as calculus is a cumulative subject - you will need to be honest with yourself. I rec’d Bs in both cal 1 & 2.

Drop it and take the W which does NOT go into calculating GPA for it is NOT a grade.