Seeking advice. From surgical tech to MD. First generation student


I’m 29 and currently set to graduate in Spring 23. I have 9+ years of experience as a surgical tech and recently got a volunteer position in a research lab in May of this year. I always wanted to be a surgeon since I was little but didn’t know what it was like to be a doctor because I didn’t personally know any doctors. That is why I chose to become a surgical tech to work alongside surgeons before committing myself to the long, expensive journey of becoming a physician. This job experience helped me realize this is the only job I see myself doing, so I decided to go back to school 4 years after completing my tech program. But, due to financial reasons, it took me 5 years to transfer from a community college (2016-2021) since I had to work full-time while in school.

I’m a physiology major and I have enough credits to graduate a quarter early but rather than finishing winter 23 I’m taking winter off entirely from school to study for the MCAT starting in late Dec 2022 and taking the MCAT in late March before my last quarter begins to be able to apply to medical school June 2023. During my senior year, I do plan on doing some volunteering and virtual shadowing to also put on my application. My main concern is my GPA. Currently, I have a 3.4 sGPA and a 3.5 cGPA. I’m worried that my stats won’t be “good enough” to get into medical school. I only have 2 quarters left and I’m scared that I won’t get straight As and my GPA will stay the same or lower since I still have biochem and physics to take.

I’ve provided my mappd numbers to give you a visual of my trends. I’m not sure if these are 100% accurate only because technically my freshman and sophomore years took 5 years rather than 2. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :slight_smile:

freshman: 3.38
sophomore: 3.50
junior: 3.51
senior: N/A

freshman: 3.2
sophomore: 3.43
junior: 3.41
senior: N/A

I would focus on the future not the past in terms of GPA (as hard as it might be) if this is what you want to do which it seems like it is do your best now to achieve the best grades and the higherst mcat you can to get in rather than dwelling on unchangable past.