Seeking Advice

Am approaching age 40, have wife and child. My education has been in the Accounting/Finance field with a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA. How crazy/implausible, or practical, are my thoughts of entering Med School at this point in my life?

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There are many factors to consider:

  1. Are you willing to put in another 10 or so years to the path to being a physician?

  2. You’ll likely have to take all the pre-reqs - this means going back to a post-bacc program (either formal or informal) and doing undergrad level science courses.

  3. The level of debt you’ll accrue can be significant.

    So, if all of this sounds okay, then no - it’s not impossible at all!

Though the factors already pointed out to you are important, you must be the one to live and die by your decision.

Is this something that drives you throughout the day and night? Will you be happy if you do not achieve this? These are things you should really strongly consider. As far as age goes, your never too old. If your too old, your dead.