Selection of Additional Science Course(s)

During undergrad I completed all of the pre-med requirements. My Freshman year grades were average, Sophomore year poor, and Junior & Senior years strong. I’m planning to take the MCAT in April 2005, and apply for admission in Fall 2006. I’m preparing for the MCAT now, and I’m considering taking one or more basic science courses during the Winter quarter at UCLA to improve my science GPA and demonstrate my current aptitute for the material.
With this in mind, I have several questions:
1. Which course(s) will strengthen my application the most (assuming I do well)? Physiology makes sense to me, because I never took it during undergrad, and it will help me prepare for the MCAT.
2. How many additional courses should I consider taking?
3. Should I consider retaking any of the prerequisites in which I did poorly during undergrad?
4. If I submit my applications in June, will medical schools honor coursework I’m taking at the time they receive my application? In other words, if I take one or more courses during the Summer session, will they be considered if I won’t have my final grades until August, after my applications have been submitted?
Thanks in advance for your guidance and support.

Since this is a duplicate post, I’m going to close this thread and refer you to the same thread in “PreMed General Discussion” …please give Joel your thoughts on this topic!