Semester 1 is OVER!

I passed!! Pass=MD!!!
Feh! to all those schools who waitlisted me because they didn’t think I could cut it!

Congratulations Joe!

Can’t wait for the end of next week. . . then I can say the same thing!
First though, the hurdles of block week. Monday Physical Diagnosis (2 hour written), and Physician’s Skills (2 hour practical).
Tuesday, OMM Practical (For those non-D.O., that’s osteopathic manipulative medicine), which I really love. Should do fine.
Wednesday, facilitator assessments. (40% of our grade)
And Friday, the big one. Our POM (Problems in Osteopathic Medicine) final. That’s the one that covers our learning issues for the last ten weeks.
Congratulations, Joe, on getting through semester 1. Now wish me luck!