Semester 2 in the UK

Okay, first off, after a 3 week Spring, we are back to…? Cold (50s) and rainy every day. My classes this term are BioChem, Neuroscience, and Physiology. Physio is my favorite by far!! Out of a class of 45, we lost about 15 students from first term, some stayed back in first semester (and are now with Bill!) and a few left completely (the ones that rarely showed up for class anyway, including one guy who came so infrequently he didn’t know the exam schedule had been revised and showed up four days later to take the finals, oops!) If you read my other posts, I’ve ranted about the financial hardships of being in an offshore school, which I think must be worse in a country on the pound rather than Caribbean currencies. We start neuro labs next week, and I plan to make it to Bubba’s in London for BBQ after one of the labs!! A big ole plate of ribs and a couple pints, I may not find the tube or train back to Luton!! Feeling a bit of anxiety also, with Joe and crew about to leave, that makes me “senior” OPM here. One thing about being the old lady of the school, EVERYONE knows you!! We’re going to move mid-term as well, because our lease is over, and we have to find a cheaper place that is on the bus line. Also, my brother in law is coming next month (!) from Bangladesh to “visit”, which means he’ll probably be with us all term as well. Uh, now that I’ve typed this, I think I’ll schedule an appointment and go back on my Zoloft I can’t believe I only have 2 more semesters after this one and I’ll be back in the USA!! Fifth semester is changing location from Luton to the Huron Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. So, I’ll spend my summer in Cleveland, take Step 1, and go…??? for clinicals. WOW! It’s a wild ride. Hey Bill, I’m inviting myself over for another bottle of wine at your place!!!

Bring it on! White or red? Bill (one or two)

Okay, yesterday was a bummer of a July 4th, but we did manage a watermelon, ribs, and THREE rockets to shoot off. Our neighbors probably wondered what the hell was up. We’re two weeks away from our second set of exams, and I feel more prepared than with the first set. This semester has definitely been more of a grind than the first. As for the UK, we’re still wearing sweaters most days here in July but shedding them by the afternoon. I went through a real “anti-British” phase a week or two ago, after dealing with some bureaucracy, the typical customer service here, etc…but I’m trying to pull myself away from that distraction. I cannot WAIT until August and the 2 weeks break. It has been crazy!! First and foremost are the money worries being a student in a foreign school, then, trying to find a cheaper place to live, only to find out the landlord didn’t fix anything, so I ended up moving all of my stuff out, then BACK to the flat we’re still in…then still getting kids to school each day, and my BIL decided to come from Bangladesh, and only after he arrived was I told he would be here for THREE MONTHS!!! However, I am calm now, so things are fine.

In the middle of break after passing the second semester, though Biochem was a real bear for me. It feels like a Texas winter here in the middle of a British summer. WOW.

We’ll be happy to ship some of our triple digit weather that way. It was 103 yesterday at UT Arlington. I’m melting (at least sweating alot)!! I love the start of “Autumn” in Texas…

As I am sitting in a very hot cafe the idea of your UK weather sounds glorious but I like rain. Paris has similar weather to London and the year I lived there when the sun came out – in the spring after months of grey days, the city sparkeled and put me in the best mood.

I’m nearing the end of the third semester in the UK, only 3 more weeks! This semester has been a lot less stressful for me than last term, due to having Biochem last term. I’ve done well on the exams this term and looking forward to my final term in Luton and white coat ceremony! It was rough the middle of the term when my family had to fly back to the US due to the high cost of living here, but it was the only way. We’ve added a new class this term “Intro to Patients” and are discussing taking histories, system by system exams, management, and case studies. For me, that is really fun and getting to what I like. First semester students will also be taking this course, which will integrate their studies into clinical scenarios, which was a really good move by the school. This is all flying by so fast, I can’t believe it!! Very exciting.

Kathy is doing well here I’m so glad too! Kathy will make a good Doc. Iknow she will. Hang in there you are almost half way through.

Thanks Bill, you will too!!

No way! It is GREAT to be above the class average!! The class goes out right after classes most evenings into the square (right in front of St. Nicholas house) and vents any stress on 1-2 rounds of bumper cars!! WOO HOO!!