Semester 4 in the UK

I can’t believe I’m here already. Semester 4 is the ranking Luton class (5th is in Cleveland) and we’re in Pharm, Behavioral and Ethics, and Systemic Path. Pharm is work (of course), but Behavioral is a breeze with the classes I took as an undergrad (tons of psych and child development). Systemic Path is great, and Dr. Ashwariya is wicked! She can reel off facts at warp speed, all the while pulling in not only the clinical correlations, but those from earlier classes as well. Wow, she is a machine! Our class lost a few again last semester, mostly due to Genetics, but we also gained some transfer students. As the classes have gotton more clinically oriented, they have certainly become more “fun” for me. I cannot wait for ICM and physical diagnosis next semester!! I think too, I have finally acclimated to the English culture, in that I can navigate it successfully, including the weather, cold, and the accents. The Luton accent is much more difficult to understand than the one in London. Because my family had to go back to the US (due to the high cost of living), I am living in a 4 bedroom house with 4 other girls. It was my first time to “live out” (not being at home with parents or in my own home with my husband), and the transition was initially hard, mostly because I really love my privacy. Surprisingly, being 43 to the girls ages of 21-25 didn’t seem to make a difference. We all have gossip fests and talk about guys, etc, so that was all a new experience for me as well, as I didn’t do “hen parties” as a young adult. School has remained stable and not a big adjustment to me in the last 4 semesters, its been the differences in culture, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!! We’re already in week 3 and only 3 weeks away from midterms. The school is deciding whether to keep the 5th semester program in Cleveland or bring it back to Luton, so if its in Cleveland, I’ll have my white coat ceremony in April in Luton, but if 5th is in Luton, my white coat will be in August!! My family can’t afford to come here to watch it, and all my buddies (Bill, Elaine, Misty) have, or will have already left, so I’m going to have to recruit my roommates moms to cheer for me!! Clinicals are looming as well, and since I want to have my kids with me, my best choice seems to be the Chicago area, as the clinicals of most “offshore” schools are scattered across the country. I’d love to have any info on Chicago area hospitals from anyone who has rotated there, as well as Chicago area living (kid friendly) Cheers,


I’ll be cheering for ya from here!!

I got my white coat this week and I am very excited. The actual ceremony is April 7th, and I’m 39 days away from leaving the UK and going back HOME to the US! I cannot wait. It has been a long haul but I have enjoyed all of my classes so far, but clinicals are the icing for me!

I wish I could be there for you and see you get your white coat, you deserve it! Congrats

Congratulations on your white coat! I know a lot of medical students think they are awful little short coats, but I absolutely loved getting mine and am honored that I can wear it.
And hurry up and get home! I know Mo and the kids must be missing you something fierce. Give me a call when you get back!

Thanks guys!
Linda, PM or email me your number so I can call you sometime. I’ll be in Arkansas for about 2 weeks before going to Cleveland for the next term.

I remember when I first started reading threads on OPM you were debating whether or not to go to England. Now, here you are about to come back home! Congratulations!!! Best of luck with your clinicals!

I am just a premed so I can’t speak to the hospitals here, but I live in Chicago and I love it so much. It’s a wonderful city. I do not have children but the city seems very kid friendly to me (I am an aunt, with frequent babysitting obligations!). There are so many parks and museums, we have a good park district with free programs (or at least cheap ones!). I don’t know if you have been here, but they do call it the “city of neighborhoods,” and it’s true - every neighborhood is different, and many of them are very neighborly, friendly, safe and comfortable places to live.
For more info on my beloved town: