Senioritis at work

Alright, I have figured out why I have no desire to do anything at work. I have a form a senioritis. The only thing I want to do is get going with school.

We had our home inspection today, hopefully not too bad. We have begun packing and will be moving into a rental for the next few months. Other than waiting to hear from UMDNJ about getting off the waitlist I cancelled my other two interviews and have nothing much to do.

My thesis is back in the hands of my professor so I hope to be working on my defense now. I will be leaving work in 6 months, got a good review, my boss has yet to know that I am leaving. Wont tell her until April.

Oh well, la di da di da. Gotta get crackalacking at work.

In the military we called it “short timers” disease. Once you get to the point that you are “short” your work, attitude…darn near everything about you screams “I’m leaving this dump SOON!!!”…can’t wait till I have it.

The timing of this thread is amusing, considering my personal circumstatnces.

I officially notified my landlady yesterday that “I’m leaving”.

My significant other and I are planning to buy and move into our own, very first home, by July 1st. I am SOOOO darn itching to GET OUT!!

Coincidentally, I also had a phone conversation yesterday with an ‘AdComs’ representative from the med. school (Sherbrooke, Canada) on the very top of my pick-list.

He, over the phone, glancing at the transcripts received so far, says:

“Hmmm, rather nice grades (GPA1 3.67, GPA2: 3.85) you have. Are the grades which we haven’t received thus far in the same vein?”

My response:

“Yes, actually the last transcript you will be receiving shows a GPA: 4.2” (some schools publish GPAs over 4.0 around here, when grades are over 93%)

His response:

“That is very promissing, sir!”

I’m on cloud 9.

On the question of my ‘non-traditional’ profile (age 51) he said the following:

“We see no problem whatsoever. On the contrary, your experience might contribute positively and work very well with your youthfull and energetic counterparts. If you have the grades and show the capacity, we will be glad to have you on board.”

I am a very happy man.

Appologies if I lent this thread a slightly different direction than it may have had originally!


Sounds good, Ron And Gabe and Crooz, too!

Presse, congratulations; on both your phone conversation and your home purchase!

Gabe and Crooz, you made me laugh out loud…our term for the same condition has always been “exhibiting exit behaviour”…but I like the disease references better!