so i have some secondaries coming for DO schools and I need a bit of advice for my rec letters. One of the schools wants two letters of rec. one being from a DO/MD or my empolyer. I was suppose to have a rec letter from a DO but he has been too busy and has yet to get back to me, but I work at a reserach lab and have a recomendation letter from my boss who’s an asscoiate professor at stanford. Should I just use my boss or should i wait a few more days to see if I can get ahold of the doctor?

Which one is likely to be the better letter? It sounds like the letter from your employer is likely to be stronger, and if they give you a choice, I would send the stronger letter.

That being said, it’s my understanding that many DO schools require a letter from a DO, so you will need to get that letter eventually. It’s still fairly early in the application game, though, so don’t get too stressed. A lot of people haven’t even submitted their primary application at this point.

One secondary I filled out asked for a letter from a DO. I emailed the admissions office to tell them I didn’t know any DO’s but that I had MDs who know me. They said it would be preferable to get a genuine letter of recommendation from an MD than a generic LOR from a DO.