Setting up informational meetings

I am thinking of setting up informational meetings with various medical schools around the Boston area. I want to find out more about the program, non-trad friendliness, course load, chances of getting in, what I need to do to increase my chances, etc.
FYI - I will take the MCAT this August and am hoping to apply for 2006.
Should I call the admissions office to make such an appointment? I’m curious to know if I have the freedom to find out from them what my chances of acceptance are based on my current standing. Can I ask them to review my undergrad and grad transcripts to see if I need to take any post-bacc courses prior to applying?
If others in the OPM world have done something similar, please share your thoughts and experiences… Am I just asking for too much when I request these informational meetings? Is it appropriate? What are your suggestions?
I look forward to your replies. Thanks!

There is actually a thread in a different forum that talks about this. Here is the link. You can see what I wrote there
You can definitely meet with them and discuss your chances at their school and ask them what you can do to enhance your chances.

Woops! Sorry about the duplicate posting. Thank you for alerting me to the old post.

No problem. You could still post here or post your questions on that thread.