sfsu vs sjsu post-bac

I've recieved great advice from the folks here and have a piece of a puzzle I was wondering some people might be able to shed some light on.
I've decided to go and work my bumb off at a undergraduate post-bac program in California. Medicine is where my heart is and I'm ready to make the sacrifices in order to get there. After reviewing most of the options available to me I think it's coming down to whether I go to san francisco state university or san jose state university. I spoke with people at both of these institutions and they were all very helpful, but I can't help but think that maybe they're a little biased.
Has anyone out there have any experience with completing a post back at either one of these universities? Or any experience at all with either? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I'm planning to travel and check them out for myself.
I would greatly respect any facts and/or opinions on the matter.
Thanks to all,


I completed my post-bac at SJSU last May (whew!) I decided to go there instead of SFSU because SJSU was ranked higher in terms of academics - not sure, of course, if that has had any bearing on my application. I can't speak about the quality of education at SFSU, but at SJSU, the organic chemistry was excellent (both lab and lecture). Bio was ok - probably could have been more intense for someone who is pre-med, but I took PR for MCAT and was able to close up any holes in learning that way (plus with the excellent ochem education, I had that part of bio covered and it boosted that score). I did not take gen chem there, but I had a friend who did who seemed satisfied with it. I can't say much for their pre-med counseling, however. The one time I attempted to speak to a counselor, they were fairly clueless since I was a post-bac. Hope this helps. Feel free to pm or email me if you want more details.

You really can't go wrong with either program. Now that UCSF has a post-bacc program with the classes held at SFSU, the curriculum is good - better than it used to be. SFSU is very experienced with post-bacc students, as is SJSU. I have clients in both programs and they are all satisfied with the program that they happen to be in. I'd suggest that you go to whichever one is closer.

I enjoyed SFSU a great deal. I was certainly able to be a competitive applicant after my SFSU post-bac. I can't speak to SJSU. There is a good community of post-bacs at SFSU complete with their own Yahoo! list–go to Yahoo! groups and put sfsupostbacs in the search term. Barry Rothman and Cliff Berkman are the two advisors; both are good, they are different, and worth talking to about what you're hoping to get out of the experience as you compare. I do concur with Judy that going somewhere close and convenient is pretty major, especially if you're also working or doing anything else.
Good luck.
–boston joe

Hi Chris!
I will be starting my post bac at SJSU this fall. I’ve been in contact with the semi-retired premedical advisor there who wrote the paper posted on SJSU’s website about non-traditional students. (Definitely worth a read if you haven’t seen in) He’s been so encouraging, but has warned me about the current premed advisor being not so helpful (so I’m sticking with the retired guy smile.gif and the med school requirements + moseying up close to my professors for their LOR!!!).
SJSU has a great Dept of Science thus the reason for my choice. I think both SFSU and SJSU are good schools smile.gif. I would pick the one where you can easily commute (as mentioned by others above).
If you decide to go to SJSU, let’s form our own Yahoo group and “pre-med” club on campus!:lol: