Shadow Experience - Mine


Confirmed every reason and then some as to why I’m charting the path.

What the rural FP community does in one day, made my head spin, smile brighten, and day fly by.

It was over way too quickly!

welcome to our world. Glad your impressions seem positive. I hope it will inspire you to community medicine - Primary care. But then - I am a bit biased –

(One year under my belt as Family Practice Physician at a Community Health Clinic in NH)


I was just clicking on blogs and I came across yours and was wondering why no update then i read your post here! Glad it’s working out for you!! I’m looking forward to securing my shadowing experience but it’s been slow going so far.

After spending 8 hours in the rural clinic, I cannot imagine being anywhere else now. What I found so interesting is the disparate patients (age, sex, complications) that the FP had to quickly assess. Then I sat while he dictated - another interesting aspect I had not heard/seen. It probably sounds strange that someone would find it interesting but it was the ease of which he prattled off polysyllabic words, remembered each patient’s discussions, etc.

Of course, I had questions about how/what he decided to put in the dictation, the importance of the dictations, etc.

He was great!! He tossed in that my first pick school, is where he went and the director of admissions, that told me to never give up no matter what gets thrown my way, was his mentor.

Then invited me back to which I smiled and said, “Oh THANK YOU!”.