Shadowing a DO vs an MD

Hi all,

Every DO school I have looked at requires you shadow a DO. How do allopathic schools view shadowing a DO vs MD? I am applying to both.



Allopathic didn’t seem to care what physician you shadowed as long as he/she was licensed to practice medicine. I applied to both after only shadowing an MD, though I did have a LOR from a DO for my AACOMAS application. The way I understand it, there are very few DOs who incorporate Osteopath Manipulative Maneuvers (Techniques?) in their practice. So aside from their undergrad medical training, you’ll probably see the same stuff regardless of who you shadow.

Agree with Kennymac, Allopathic schools don’t particularly care whereas some DO schools did. Unless your preceptor is into OMM (osteopathic Manipulative Medicine) you will see the same ‘stuff’. We all practice evidence based medicine within a best standards of practice framework. Have fun, enjoy your shadowing experience.