Shadowing advice

Boy, I really love this site–everyone is great. I was having a tough time figuring out how to approach D.O.s for shadowing. After asking for advice here, and getting some really great feedback, I am elated in saying that after taking advice from some of the responses, I found a D.O. who is willing to “mentor me in my professional endeavors”, as he put it!

Next, I have an interview next Tuesday with the local hospital to discuss an appropriate position for volunteering at the same. Whenever those around me become overbearing with ample discouragement, I come here to remind me that it’s all worth the journey. Thanks everyone.

That is great news! I just had a similar experience at the teaching hospital associated with the Univ. I attend.

A friend was giving me a tour of the hospital when we ran into her old boss - he is a Peds Cardiologist. She explained to him my med school goal and he immediately offfered up shadowing opportunities! I am so excited!

Please post when you get to shadow, I would like to hear what it is like before I head out for my own!

I will do that, jclark2003. My first day to shadow is Sept. 22nd, so I will post afterward. I’m excited also.

After several attempts, I finally found a doctor to shadow (the chief of the dept no less )

BUT this time, my opportunity came by chance … I got in touch with a friend (whom i havent seen in 5+ years) who now happens to be a resident in the same specialty im interested in. The friend referred me to the Dr, so I called, and to my surprise (as Im sure he was extremely busy), he called me back. Now, we are working on setting up a schedule! Progress!

Congrats for getting your ducks in a row. I need to start my hospital volunteering. I should be doing some job shadowing next month.

Please post how your experience goes. It is so encouraging to read about.

Congrats! That’s really exciting! If your post was the one I’m recalling, the advice regarding it also helped me get a shadowing opportunity as well. I’m still waiting on the paperwork to go through, but when it does I’ll be a research assistant in the ED of my local county hospital/trauma center (enrolling patients into studies and helping physicians with research). The director of the emergency medicine residency program is offering to mentor me and arranged it. I’ll also be shadowing him. Can’t wait!

Good luck! I’m looking forward to reading about how it goes!

Yah I’m waiting for my paperwork to go through for the exact same thing - ! It feels like an eternity, but I cant wait to dive in once it goes through Since we work with rats and mice all I can do in the meantime is computer stuff