Shadowing Frustration

Just a bit of background: I’ve been having a difficult time finding doctors to shadow in the bay area. I’m applying to medical school next year. I graduated from online high school early so I had an unusual 6 month gap between high school and college. I shadowed a surgeon during this time all day every two weeks during this gap. It was an awesome experience and roughly totaled about 110 hours.

My question is whether I should keep digging in order to get a more recent shadowing experience or whether my post-high school pre-college experience is fine. I welcome any comments, tips, and advice. Thanks

You definitely need more shadowing/clinical experience. Have you done other things (volunteered at a hospital, in a free clinic or a hospice) in addition to shadowing?


Ya I have various clinical work that has lasted quite a long time and has provided great experiences. I’m just talking about the lack of recent shadowing.

As long as you have ample other clinical experiences this should be sufficient, although shadowing a range of doctors in various fields is always helpful since it shows your curiosity about medicine and your desire to learn as much as possible about the profession.