Shadowing in DC?

Hello -

I am wondering if anyone is willing/able to offer a shadowing opportunity in the DC area? As a non-traditional student, I’ve found it very difficult to locate shadowing opportunities because the resources that are available to those in pre-medical undergraduate programs are not available (or have yet to be revealed to me).

I was a biochemistry major in undergrad (BS '02) and am currently an attorney in DC. I am studying for the MCAT, and plan to sit for the exam in April of 2010 and apply to med school in June. I am in the process of applying for a volunteer position at a local hospital. While I have no doubt that experience will be rewarding, I recognize that it will not provide me with the insight into the practice of medicine that shadowing could offer.

I’m happy to work within your availability. I’m willing to take vacation (a few days or a week) to shadow you for a concentrated period of time if you think that is best, or to work with you a few hours a week. Again, I’m flexible!

I would be extremely grateful for any offers or advice!

Thank you!