Shadowing Questions/Thoughts

I have upcoming shadowing set up with a rural family doc (he’s my dad’s ) and will be going down probably 1x or 2x a month.

My initial thoughts were to take a small book to write my observations (NOT related to patient) on what happens behind the curtain of the clinic related to the doctor, etc. Then I started thinking I can’t really have a small book with me or the patients would be unhappy (I know I would not like it if I saw some student-wanna-be hoisting up a notebook).

So, I’m asking here. What do you suggest? When it comes to hopeful secondary applications, I’d like to have something concrete to refer back to.

Also, what kinds of questions should/can I ask the physician when he’s not with a patient? What’s considered rude?

I’m kind of caught in a weird place since I’ve already lived the life of a physician’s girlfriend and observed/heard what went on but yet, I want from fresh eyes, not tainted by personal interest in the physician himself.



Anyone? Thoughts?

What about writing up your thoughts and observations after you get home or back to your computer?

In fact, why not start keeping a journal now of all kinds of situations that have been important to you over the years and helped to shape who you are? That way you’ll have quite a bit of material to cull from when you write your personal statement.



What I do when I start IVs, do patient assessments, etc. in the hospital right now is use a notebook but wait until I’m outside the patient’s room before I jot down everything while it’s still fresh in my mind.

That way, it looks like they have your undivided attention, and you still get to take down your notes to jog your memory later.

I would agree with Judy. The “important” things will be the things that stay with you at the end of the day–these are the things, IMHO, which make excellent journal material and will be good to read over both as you prepare applications and if/when you feel a little “defeated” in med school.