Would love to shadow one of you OPMs if you're in the DC area. I'm moving to Fairfax in a few weeks and would love the opportunity. In brief, I'm giving up my F/T job to resume school full-time to satisfy remainder of pre-med. reqs. Moving to Fairfax in order to 'make it all work', and hopefully will be able to attend school and practice in the area too.
Please contact me and I can provide you with details about myself. Thanks.
(please excuse me, if I've posted this in the wrong section)

Hi there,
Welll…, If you don’t mind driving down I-66 and taking the Route 29 south exit off (says Charlottesville) and drive another 75 miles, you are welcome to shadow me. Next month, I will be covering the Surgical-Trauma ICU or doing the float pool (1900h-0700h every night for a month). I even have a guest room. If you get tired of hanging with me (and watching me look nervous), you can follow some of the real heavy weights down here such as: Bruce Schirmer, M.D. premier laparoscopic surgeon and textbook author, John B. Hanks, M.D. chairman of general surgery and premier endocrine surgeon, Craig Slingluff, M.D. chairman of surgical oncology and text book author, R.Scott Jones, M.D. former chairman of the American College of Surgeons and hepatobiliary surgeon, Eugene B. Foley, M.D. chairman of the colorectal surgery division and textbook author, Robert W. Sawyer, M.D. division of transplant and surgical infectious diseases, Nancy L. Harthun, M.D. division of vascular surgery. I can keep adding to the list but they are all wonderful folks, great teachers and excellent at their crafts.
Natalie cool.gif

My schedule for Spring 2002 looks like this:
Monday 6:30am-7:45am Bio. II; 9:30am-3:50pm Chem. I
Tuesday 6:30am-7:45am Bio. II; 4:20pm-7:30pm Pre-Calc. II
Wednesday 6:30am-7:45am Bio. II
Thursday 6:30am-7:45am Bio. II
I purposely picked the early morning Bio. to force myself to get up early…I’m NOT a morning person! blink.gif
The Chem. class is down in Manassas around the corner from my boyfriend’s office (he’s a Urologist), and I’m going to look into shadowing him/helping out in his office…especially if we commute together on those days.
My Tues., Wed., Thurs. situation will allow me to find either a part-time day, afternoon, or night job. And being done with classes by 8 am Thursday will offer the flexibility of traveling without missing classes, or spending the time volunteering, working, etc.
Driving to Charlotteville would obviously work well into the schedule I’ve arranged!
Looking forward to 2003!

Hi Carey,
Dr. Nancy Harthun, one of our best vascular surgeons has already agreed for you to shadow her. She loves to teach and has very interesting patients. She does some great surgeries too.
Natalie biggrin.gif

Excellent! Thanks Natalie.
As I get settled, I’ll work out a time that suits both of us for me to come for a visit. I definitely wouldn’t have a problem coming down multiple weekends to meet/greet/learn and observe the workings of various specialties. I’m also up to the task of pulling all nighters, as it’s something I voluntarily do now! In fact, although I work a 40-hr/wk job, we have ‘flexible’ hours…as long as I show up every day (I tend to take it to the extreme…but they’re used to the way I work…). So, I’m known for coming in later in the day and working well into the next morning…hanging out with the cool gang on the night shift. With the two classes I’ve been taking this past semester, I’ve gone very ‘light’ on my hours early in the week, and then work about 25 hours on Thursday and Friday in order to ‘make my 40’. Most people here think I’m nuts, but like I said…they’re used to me rolleyes.gif
Ha! I’m humored by the numerous times my boss has come in early and after seeing me, asks, "Carey! Are you coming or going!???"
BTW- if you’re interested, and I haven’t already mentioned it… I’m currently working for a publication company that produces healthcare publications (mentioned it elsewhere on the site). You can check out the stuff at
I’m the Associate Art Director for 5 of our 26+ publications:
ADVANCE for Health Information Executives
ADVANCE for Directors of Rehabilitation
ADVANCE for Physical Therapists & PTAs
ADVANCE for Occupational Therapists and OTAs
ADVANCE for Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists
The first one I listed, I also do all the layout and design for…including some occasional illustration. Great company, good people, fun stuff, good content…but ready to take it to the ‘next level’.
Hmmm, I’m going to need to get around to posting a personal intro. sometime soon!
Talk to you later.