Share a little about yourself!

Hello! I am so excited to find oldpremeds! Just knowing this group is out there has given me a little inspiration. I am 42 and finishing my BA in Psych. I am looking forward to all my options going forward from here - PhD? MD? The idea of being in school until I’m 50 (50?!) is a little…um… awe-inspiring to think about. And now it’s even more fun to know there is a group like this, filled with similar stories.

Please share a little about yourself - what are you pursuing, or hoping to pursue? What’s your age? How long do you think you’ll be in school? (or working on that title?)?

Just a little something? Give me a one-liner.

welcome to OPM, you are among kindred spirits. Regarding some of the stories, I think you will the diaries will be very rewarding. There are a lot of stories out there and many can be inspiring. Tell us a little more about yourself, you may be more responses.