Share Your Embarrassing Stories

Medical school can be such an awkward time. And for most every student, regardless of age, there is always one moment when you wish you could run away and hide.
Well, The New Physician thinks that the best way to deal with these embarrassing moments is to share them with almost 40,000 of your colleagues. That’s right, tell the world. It can be a freeing experience. Really, it can.
What stories should you share? Well, they say laughter is the best medicine, so just think of any experience that you retold to a friend and he broke out in hysterics. Those are the stories we want to hear.
Is hysterics a bit too much? Maybe yours is just a mildly funny, awkward encounter with patient. Or perhaps you just had too much of a gross-out experience in gross anatomy. Were you a witness to such an event? We want to hear from you too.
Whatever your most embarrassing tale may be, share it with us. Contact me at or 703-620-6600 ext. 212.
Scott T. Shepherd
Associate Editor
The New Physician
703-620-6600 ext. 212

Glad you could join us! I had lost your e-mail, but wanted to thank you for writing such a great article on me & OldPreMeds! Damned strong work my friend!
Most embarassing moment…boy do I have a good one…actually, two of them. Once I have a free moment, I will write them down for you. Right now, I have mucho bills to pay, a basement to rearrange & my daughter's new dresser to assemble.
Again, many thanks for the fine work in New Physician