Shock to me.....

Recently I encouraged my boyfriend to go back to school, he had finally told me that he was interested in medicine…I really had no idea, so he wanted to know more about radiographic technicians, well we found a school and he asked to tag along on his entrance interview, the school is a fairly relaxed but reputable place and she allowed me to sit in on this interview provided I didn’t help him to answer any questions. Well she asked what his future goals were and he says that he’s been thinking about medical school lately…MY JAW DROPPED. He went on to tell her that one of his best friends is an anesthesiologist which is true and that he’s went with him to “the office” several times and is fascinated by it. It’s a good thing I was sitting behind him so that he couldn’t see the shock and awe on my face. Anyway, I just needed to share this thought with someone.

So any thoughts on 2 people going through med school at the same time that are in a relationship???

Quite frankly, I can’t imagine being in a relationship at all going through med school - especially at MY age. With so much to learn, only so many hours in a day, only so much gray matter left in the old noggin’ FOR ME, I just don’t feel like I would be able to give a relationship the attention it deserves. Not wanting to hurt another person…

BUT it seems everyone on here, has been married or in serious relationship and been quite successful. In fact, it seems that almost all, if not all, of them have commented that they could not have done it without the support of their spouses and/or children.

Not sure if it’s similar or not, but my husband currently is working on his masters in clinical psychology. A ton of research, a ton of interning and a full time job in the field to boot.

With both of us in school and both in high stakes career choices it does get hard sometimes, especially when all three kids gang up on us and decide to be sick at the same time, but we have the type of relationship that works best while we are actively bettering ourselves.

Sometimes we argue, sometimes a lot. But at the end of the day (or semester hehe) we both realize we could not do it alone. We really do support each other and that is prime.

It means some days his paper that’s due that week gets prioritized over my science questions due the following week, but somehow we figure it out.

Good luck to both of you.

I stayed overnight for one of my medical school interviews at a married couple’s home. They both attended the medical school I interviewed at and both were in the same year. They married before medical school. When applying, both accepted the fact that they might have to live apart if they had to attend different medical schools. Luckily, things worked out and now they are daily study partners. And they have not kids and don’t plan on kids for awhile.

I’d have to say it’d be easier without the kids, but neither of us would have the motivation to change w/o them so it’s a sacrifice we make. We all do homework together sometimes. Or I’ll ship them out to the back yard to run off steam with the neighbor kids while I study on the garden swing. O.k. that part is annoying because I’m studying and suddenly all the neighbor kids are in my yard and there are no other parents around. Once I had to take my children somewhere and I could NOT find this little 4 year old’s parents. No one answered his door, nothing. I almost called C&Y that day, but dad drove up and said his wife must have been upstairs and didn’t hear me knocking on the door.

Sorry, I just side tracked on a rant didn’t I?

But, yeah, it’s hard w/ kids. But they are a joy at the same time.

Sometimes I’m not sure how to be in a relationship, be a mom, a student, work full time and do it all but amazingly we make it work. My boyfriend happens to be one of those rare gems that is usually always supportive although he has his moments (no one is perfect) and my son is great (he wants to be a doctor too, at 8, although I plan on helping him realize the dream sooner than I did) so I think the experience so far is challenging but great. I have my chicken little moments where the sky is falling and I’m freaking out but I’m realizing that if I didn’t have those I’d be a machine and no machine can be a caring physician so I’m thankful even for that. I know that in the end when I’m able to call myself Dr. Rhonda it will all be worth it. I just was shocked that he would keep his dream to himself when I blabber on and on about how I’m going to be a doctor to anyone who will pretend to be interested!!!