Short term pain, long term gain

First step to getting back on the UGrad horse is obtaining transcripts to see where exactly one has been to determine where one has to go, right?

So I requested a set of transcripts from my old uni for $8 that was met with a denial. Curious, I contacted the registrar and they informed me there was a hold on transcript release due to previous unresolved financial obligations to the school.

“So…how much do I owe?”



The pain for making the decision to pursue medicine is swifter and more severe than I thought it would be. I can’t wait to see what life will feel like once I’m actually back in class!

I have half a mind to create an Excel spreadsheet and track every penny spent on my way to meet my goal. Jury is still out on that being a positive or negative motivational tool…


That is rough!

I’m just curious - did you graduate from there & receive a diploma? My alma mater would not let you get your diploma w/o resolving all financial issues.

Fortunately, my collective transcripts only cost $22 thus far. No surprises. . .

Negative. I walked away from that train wreck after collecting credits numbering just over the century mark.

I’ll have a clearer idea when I cough up the money, probably in a week or so.