Should i complete my prerequisites in a Community College or a Post Bacc Program

I am a non-traditional pre-med student. I have B.S. and M.S degrees in engineering and have worked for 10 years. I am now going back to school to complete my science prerequisites before aplying to Medical school.
The big decision i need to make now is whether to take my prerequisites in a Community College or a formal Post Bacc program. The cost of the Post Bacc Program is more than 3 times higher than that of a Community College so i am questioning the need to spend this much extra money on the same classes i could take in a Community College.
I am the kind of student that is self motivated and does not need too much extra motivation or guidance but in this case given that i am completely new to the med school admission process i wonder if a Post Bacc program would be beneficial and worth the extra cost.
Would appreciate your thoughts / opinion on this, and your advice.
Thank you in advance

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Hey Eva,

Based on what you’ve posted here, my opinion is that a DIY post-bacc would be fine for you. I mostly say this because of your statement about being a self-motivated person. The advantages of a formal post-bacc are the structure and built in “counseling” services. However, if you feel that you have the motivation to create your own structure and find/enroll in the classes that you need for med school then the added benefits of a formal program diminish greatly. For more detailed information I’d recommend checking out some of Dr. Gray’s podcasts as he often talks about deciding between a formal post-bacc and DIY post-bacc. One of the more recent episodes is Ask Dr. Gray: Premed Q&A Episode 122 (iHeart radio link).

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I’m beginning my prereqs in a DIY program at a community college for now. The only four year program that allows me to complete the post bacc part-time is super expensive because it’s private. I spoke to the pre-med advisor at that school and she said she wouldn’t recommend taking all of the classes at a community college, but general bio, chem, physics would be okay if I wanted to save some money. She suggested trying to find a four year school to take organic chem and biochem in the future because they’re viewed as more rigorous. I would rather not take out loans since I’ll need to take them out for med school in the future.

On the flip side, I did listen to Ryan Gray’s podcast mentioned above and there’s been plenty of non-trads that have gotten into med school with community college prereqs. The only benefit to a structured post-bacc, besides more guidance and structure, is the committee letter but many schools I’ve looked at will take either a committee letter or three letters of recommendation. I think as long as you develop good relationships with your professors so that they’re able to write letters of recommendation for you, it should be okay. If I continue DIY post bacc, I am just planning on asking my professors and maybe my supervisor who could highlight my professional accomplishments and work ethic (I’m continuing to work full-time until I get accepted to med school).

Good luck! :slight_smile:

P.S. I forgot to mention…try asking around your community college if they have a pre-health advisor. This first A&P class I’m taking (mainly just for knowledge and for fun, not for prereqs) is taught by my community college’s pre-health advisor so I’m gonna try to become besties with him! :smiley:

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