Should I do an undergraduate post-bacc or an SMP?

Hello everyone. I am getting ready to graduate from Columbia University and applied to grad school SMP’s/ undergraduate post bacc programs for next year because my GPA is a 3.26. I started the pre med track junior year and took almost all pre-med classes in the past two years but still need to take Physics II and Biochem and raise my GPA. I’ve narrowed down the programs that seem best for me and it’s now between the Case Western PRIME program (undergraduate post-bacc readiness program for academic enhancers) and Wake Forests 1 year Biomedical Science MS program. Both seem great and have linkages but I’m just struggling with deciding which one would be best for me to help me get into med school. Both programs have biochem and will show academic rigor and I think I could do well (get all A’s) in either program. Wake doesn’t have Physics II but they have an MCAT prep course that Case doesn’t have; Case does have Physics II but I’d be taking my classes with undergraduate seniors. It was my understanding that AMCAS doesn’t factor in graduate GPA’s in with the undergraduate GPA like they would for post-bacc programs. I guess I’m just wondering if a higher GPA in an undergraduate post bacc or a graduate program would look better to med schools. Thanks!

Hello lalat6!

Your dilemma is a very common one but not easily answered. There are several layers such as your science GPA, experiences, and full set of acience courses completed. I am a former pre-med advisor with over 15 yrs of experience and would love to learn more about your specific situation to provide the best advice. Feel free to email at or DM @premed_collab on IG.