Should I enroll in a Master's Program?

I’m currently a second degree bachelor student taking prerequisites. This would be my second time taking most of my prerequisites due to being out of school for over 10 years. My first degree is a non science degree. I didn’t do good in a couple of my prerequisites. My overall cumulative GPA was a 2.6 for my first degree. My science GPA is much lower. 12 years later I’m back in school and now I’m making straight A’s. I recently dropped a Calculus class due to most medical schools not needing it. I’m paying for school so I’m determined to take the classes I need so I don’t waste my time or money. My Academic Advisor wants me to apply for medical school next year. However my advisor that is over career services wants me to do a 1 year Master’s Program, any advice, thanks

Hi Sheresa,

I’m sort of in the same boat but I had a question: how are you doing in your second bachelor’s?

If you can get your cumulative and science above a 3.0 with your second bachelor’s I think it’s worth applying next year so long as you have a good MCAT score, at or above a 508 (because that’s usually the score that allows people to matriculate) and you apply broadly.

OldPremeds podcast #s 126 and 145 really helped me gain confidence in the premed process - I think in podcast 145 Dr. Gray specifically says you usually don’t need both a postbacc/second bachelor’s and a Master’s.

I hope this helps!


Hi Sam,
I am doing pretty good in my second bachelor’s. I haven’t taken the MCAT yet, but I will make sure I take a look at those podcasts. I noticed some of the advice from some other sites people took advantage of the grade replacement policy. I really haven’t stumbled on anyone who had or has a low gpa and gotten until medical school since that policy was updated. This was one of the reasons why I asked about getting a Master’s.