Should I pursue an MD/PhD

I’m wondering if I should pursue an MD/PhD? In undergrad I was a premed and majored in Neuroscience. I did some biochemistry research for 2 years (we didn’t have a big Neuroscience dept so I didn’t do any research in that field) and I now have a publication and presented my work multiple times. I really liked conducting research and I felt I was really good at it. I even got to do some of my research independently. However, I graduated with a 3.45 GPA. Because of that I am currently at Mount Sinai in the MSBS program. I am conducting research in Neuroscience and I really like what I am learning. I also very much enjoy what I am learning in my MSBS program. It’s hard but I try my best in the program. I considered being an MD and pursuing research on the side. But I feel like it would be hard to implement research while studying in medical school and as a practicing physician I’d need to take a lot of time out to properly conduct research. And if I just pursued a PhD I wouldn’t interact with patients as much, which I love doing.

Considering all of this I would like to pursue an MD/PhD but I am scared that my 3.45 uGPA will taint my application. I hope that my GPA at Mount Sinai can make up for this (I’m in my first semester so I don’t have a GPA for that program yet). Would it be a good idea to pursue an MD/PhD and would my uGPA reduce my chances of getting in to a program?

I also don’t have an MCAT score yet I plan on taking it in 2021

Thank you!