Should I put disadvantaged? A short version of my story

So…I have a complicated life, but I managed to become successful anyways with a good career. Although I do feel I was disadvantaged and became successful in spite of it…

I was born to two drug addicts and was born addicted to heroin… I got taken away eventually and got put in foster with my grandmother, who eventually adopted me. I had one half brother who got raised by distant relatives, and another half brother that I never got to meet cause he went straight into the system and I have no idea how to find him. Mom died when I was 10. Dad eventually cleaned up and became a missionary pastor and now works with abused kids. Things were hard with my grandmother, but she made sure to put me into boy scouts and martial arts to have male role models. She sacrificed greatly to put me into catholic school. The only way I could afford to go to college was to join the military, which I did. In my early 20s I developed cluster headaches, which I still suffer from today. This has been a huge hurdle that caused me to withdraw many semesters in college the first time around. While it’s still terrible, my medical treatment is much better nowadays with the options available and I feel able to handle career plus school. However a lot of that was also learning how to deal with extreme pain and being able to remain disciplined and positive and not letting it hold me back. I’ve been a professional software engineer now for a decade.

If you were in my position, would you put yourself as disadvantaged?

 The beauty of that question on the application is that it can mean whatever you interpret it to! 

If you feel disadvantaged, then I would definitely tell your story and claim being disadvantaged.
I don’t think any admissions committee will hold your story against you, regardless of what it is about. It’s ultimately to get to know you better on paper, and help gather the whole story of what makes you, you.

 I personally would include it. Hope that gives you some peace of mind! (: