Should I retake Bio 1 and Bio 2?

Hi everyone, thank you in advance for any input!

A bit about me: I recently graduated with a Psychology degree in May and will be starting a DIY Post-Bacc at another university, majoring in Biological sciences. I made the decision to switch back to being a Premed and took premed classes again starting Winter Semester of 2021. So far Ive taken Physics 1/2, Chem 1/2 (retook chem 1), and Orgo 1 between my Junior and Senior Years. I’ve also taken Bio 1 and Bio 2. I am scheduled to take Pre-calc, Genetics, Orgo 2 with Lab, and Ecology this upcoming Fall semester. The thing is however is that I honestly don’t remember much Bio 1 and Bio 2, as I took them back in Fall of 2019, and was planning on retaking them but was told by an academic advisor I couldn’t since I got a C+ in both of them. I was told by my pre-med advisor that I should try emailing the department, but since I got a C+ in both classes it wouldn’t be completely ideal retaking them.

My question is: should I just go ahead and take Genetics and Ecology or convince the Biology Department to let me retake Bio 1 and Bio 2?