Should I retake Pre-Reqs for MCAT?

Hi All!

I am a 42-year old non-trad planning on doing a post-bac (undecided on formal or DIY). Non-science undergrad (2003) and then decided to go back to school for a Masters in Nursing so I took Biology (first-year sequence), Chemistry (Inorganic I and II, Org I), Physics (I only). I took these classes at CC and ended up with 3.0 GPA. I am planning on re-taking classes that I got “C”'s (Biology/Math/Physics) in. I did get A’s in Chemistry. In my Master’s Nursing program, I graduated with a 3.7 GPA (no C’s) in 2012. So my courses are all, at least 9 years old.

I would appreciate any feedback/experience in the following areas:

  • Do I need to re-take Chemistry or should I study on my own for MCAT? I am paying out of pocket so don’t want to take any more classes than I need to but am willing to if it will help me do better on the exam.

  • Any recommendations for course review (i.e. Chemistry) that I can take on my own. Again, trying to save money.

  • I went to a well-known private school for undergrad and my nursing degree is from a prestigious nursing school (which also has a well-known medical school). Will it look poorly upon me if I take my pre-reqs at CC?

  • Do nursing courses count towards Science GPA? Since it was a Master’s program, they are all graduate level (A&P, Pathophysiology, Biostatistics).

I appreciate any advice and wish everyone on here the best!

Thank you!