Should I retake?

Hey Guys-

I’d love your feedback on if I should retake the MCAT. I took it in May, before I had completed OChem or Biochem. I knew it was a bit of a risk to take it that early in the process…but long story short, I gave it a shot anyway. Here are my scores:

Chem- 125 (55 percentile)

CARS- 132 (100 percentile)

Bio- 128 (87 percentile)

Psych- 127 (75 percentile)

Overall: 512, 87%

I feel like my overall is ok…but since the Chem section is pretty low I’m wondering if I should re-take to try to bring that up. I’m sure I would improve that score since I have now taken the classes I am supposed to have taken. Overall GPA 3.85.

Thanks for any feedback/thought!


Overall a great score that should be good enough to get in at many schools (keep in mind MCAT is only one part). Balance is a little off with the Chen score, but if there are no minimum section score requirements, you shouldn’t retake in my opinion. I’m a product of the previous version though and didn’t look too much into the new system.

87th percentile would be low to mid 30’s on the old MCAT if memory serves, and that was typically a pretty solid score. Generally not worth retaking at that point unless the spread of the subsections is such that schools are rejecting you and telling you that was why when you follow up.

Hi Nirmal - NO! Don’t retake!