Should I still continue?

Hey everybody, I’m new here I’m 19 years old and just thought I’d get some advice from some wiser people like you guys . The reason why I am here is because well I’ve had a rough start with college where I really didn’t know what I wanted to do until last semester(Fall 09). My current GPA is a 2.5 because I took too many classes at once and really hated them. I have an older brother who just passed his bar exam and I want to go into the medical field. This semester however I was taking Chemistry(with lab) and Biology(with lab) and Calculus. Somewhere in late October I had to withdraw from the classes because of some house trouble. I am currently taking Calculus by itself but I feel like I completely overwhelmed myself when I took these courses and I’m messing up Calculus too and projecting a D or maybe C if I’m lucky. I signed up for Biology and Chemistry again for the Spring 2010 but that’s it and nothing else. I plan to be a Philosophy major as well. Do you think taking two science courses is overwhelming? I think i overwhelmed myself by including calculus into that bunch. My professor seems to be a real mean person because the class average of each calculus test is always in the 50s! What do you think I should do? I know my GPA is low for medschool and i have 2 W’s on bio and chem but I am retaking them next semester. I feel like I can get back on my feet and do what is necessary to succeed but will med schools look strongly at my calculus if I do this poorly?

Wow. 19.

At 19, I had 2 -Fs, 3 Ds, a couple of C-s, and string of Ws. At 19, I switched universities, states, majors, friends, boyfriends, drinking and never worried about getting anything above a C. Then I got pregnant with my first son (who subsequently died of SIDS).

My point: DO NOT GIVE UP at 19!!

Since your record is relatively young, you can make up grades and GPA easier than those of us who have matriculated, or have 120+ credits where no amount of As will make any difference.

Just decide NOW that the time is NOW to put the hammer down and go for it!

Best of luck to you!

So much to say. “This is not a race, it is a marathon”. Best quote ever. Slow down, pace yourself. There is a lot to achieve, and you must do everything you can to achieve excellence. You can completely pull this off and turn this around. Find a good counselor, find a way to take some classes that will boost your self esteem.

Are you able to take a science and an elective? It sounds like you have had a rough patch and might need to insure that you have a successful quarter. Don’t overwhelm yourself with these core classes. I would take one and see how it goes. Take a class that you know you are an “A” grade in.

Do you have a pre-med counselor you can talk to? If so, definitely take advantage of this, particularly at your early stage and young age.

If you’re serious about medical school or any other graduate program, your grades are not the only piece but they are key to getting in. Every grade matters. None will be overlooked, even if you end up doing quite well on everything else you’ll likely be asked to explain your poor ones. I would slow down and evaluate some options for putting a good solid 4.0-GPA quarter together – whatever courses. Then build on this success slowly with the broader goal in mind and shovel a huge mountain of As over these first few.

Take courses that INTEREST YOU. You’ll do phenomenally better. Build some confidence and then take your sciences and heavy math classes.

Yup. I agree with the overall sentiment here. At 19, I went to school in Florida and achieved a glorious 1.2 GPA.

I did, however, get an excellent tan. I also learned how to surf at night, which can be quite exhilarating.

For me, college was just a way to get away from home and experience the world a bit. I ended up dropping out of school and serving in the Army for 5 years. I don’t regret the experience. It taught me a lot about myself and others.

Every person must find out for themselves.

I think that one of the crucial messages you can receive from this board is that age really is irrelevant. Stay in school, or don’t stay in school. Ultimately, you are the only one that has to live with you decision.

I’m not trying to suggest that you drop out and explore other options by any means.

Create a plan that is reasonable for YOU—don’t stress out, time is your friend—keep your eyes on the big picture.

I am taking Gen Chem 1 and Bio 1 with Labs. So if you count the labs, that is like four classes. That is enough to take when you are first starting. I would not take more than two hard classes your freshmen year. Get used to college and your study habits the first year or two, then go for the hard classes.

I’m 20. Kind’ve in the same boat as you. 2.6 GPA. My main problem was/is how to study for my tougher science courses. I also went through a lot of depression because my mom became ill my freshman year. I’d say go to talk to an advisor, work your schedule out and reassess where you lack and how you can do better. Develop a game plan or course of action. I’ll be your support…we’re in it together! Also, try and keep positive, it makes all the difference.