Should i still try for med school?


I am currently getting my masters degree at Mississippi College which has a very rigorous curriculum that tests us like we are in medical school. I have a 3.4 GPA at the moment. But my Undergraduate GPA is extremally low about a 2.34 based on med school hq calculator. i have not taken the mcat but I will in august . Do you believe I can get accepted with my stats?

I have a lot of volunteer hours and currently still acquiring shadowing and research experience.


I am completely in the same boat with a GPA below a 2.3 cumulative GPA.just graduated undergrad in December. i was advised to do a postbacc and bring up my gpa to a 3.0 GPA with an upward trend. I wouldn’t definitely advised to watch DrGrays videos and even reach out to Mappd for guidance. Is there anyway to connect with you I would love to keep up with your path!

Hi meant WOULD recommend to watch dr.grays videos. Made a typo there.